Çarmıklı House PH7800 - I, Çeşme

If you are designing the 3-storey house of an art collector as an art gallery beyond houses, you need to make your choices. You can also use the stairs that will provide vertical circulation between floors as volumes that will increase the exhibition share. Or you can install the “centerpiece” function in places beyond the boundaries of a volume in the exhibition area. Of course, if you have the courage.

If you have this courage, the second step is to find an artist who can make this staircase that you placed in the heart of the space. In such a way that the value you have for architecture can be seen, you should be aware that your work will not overtake any work that will come and be exhibited after it, and you should be able to freely access the existence of your space as if it were an anonymous work, showing that your collaboration has emerged in order to never take back the art structures that have been created…

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this staircase, which is the first work – or one of the first two works – that he decided to publish with his different personality of creating values ​​in the staircase conditions in Konu Merdiven, exceeds the reproduction in the concept with refined details. As he begins to collect architectural awards for his students, he is proud to have placed two works of art – albeit anonymous – inside. In the first sentence of the paragraph, I would like to say that the other one of the first two works continues with the entrance of this house, separates a little more and has a full circle plan.

Stairwell: 3810 x 1980mm

Height: 3190mm (17 Step, 17 Riser)

Step Width: 800 mm

Color: Signalweiß, RAL 9003

Step Cover: Epoxy

Handrail: Steel handrail with Lighting Detail

Design: Konu Merdiven + MAS Architecture Studio

Year: 2021

Circular Plan (O), Medium, Outer Stringer, Steel Handrail, Epoxy Step, Indoor

#circularstair #sidebearer #epoxystep

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