Staircase. Design & Manufacture

Konu, analyzes the requirements of the space and the wishes of the clients, designs,  creates projects, visualizes, manufactures and installs the required staircase. High quality and visuals offered in every new project without sacrificing ergonomics and aesthetics while creating unique artpieces considering spatial characteristics.

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Our vision

We envision a future where the staircase is a subject that requires expertise in its own right, independent of conventional materials and production methods, and where each of our stairs is considered a permanent artifact.

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The main principle for Konu Merdiven is that; not to build a large number of stairs by sacrificing quality, but to be praised for each staircase we make.

Konu Merdiven does not reduce material thicknesses, never gives up on details, does ignore visuality due to price concerns.

It is against the ethical understanding of Konu Merdiven to produce the designs which created by the third parties and institutions without permission.

Konu Merdiven is against doing works just to save the day by ignoring the possible problems in the construction site and the process after. A Konu branded staircase, a work of art, must stand the test of time.


We design. We build.

In each project, we aim to produce stairs that designed with innovative manufacturing methods, by an experienced team, add value to the buildings. We create designs according to the space and purpose of use, instead of ladders produced with conventional materials and methods.

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You can be an Architect, Interior Architect or Industrial Designer

We would be happy to work with you to make the staircase design, which will be the cornerstone of your project, come true.