Frequently Asked Questions

Since we started making stairs, a lot of questions came from architects, contractors, end users. Sometimes we were exposed to these questions at fairs, sometimes when they came to our workplace or during construction site interviews. In this article, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

The prices of stairs are not determined only by criteria such as height or total number of steps. For us, each staircase is a separate project. Each project, in its most general form, is calculated using an 11-step algorithm, which can be grouped under the headings of materials used, labor and logistics.

Konu is a registered trademark of Berk Demir Çelik. Since staircases are an important concern for us, we have been designing and producing high class staircases under the “Konu Merdiven” brand since 2012.

Konu Merdiven is a design-oriented brand. However, instead of outsourcing our production, we prefer to produce it ourselves. In our 1500 square meter area, right in front of our design office, there is a steel processing workshop where we can turn our ideas into reality, and there is a surface treatment workshop right next to it.

Each staircase is specially designed according to the expectations of the users as required by the space in which it will be located. At this point, there is no staircase that we can define as a standard. If you can define the Standard Staitcase, we can price it for you.

Our stairs are designed as a result of the collaboration of the architects of the projects and our designers. It is out of the question to buy any design from outside.

Projects coming through architects and/or designers, after the necessary changes are made by us, if the project owner approves, they go into production. According to the Konu Merdiven, it is not correct to apply the designs made by 3rd persons and institutions without their permission.

Postless stair systems, which can stand without support in the air, are anchored at both ends of the carrier beam, one to the floor and one to the upper floor slab. Considering the maximum load it will carry, a staircase designed with the right sections and connections is reliable in terms of strength. However, when it comes to safety, in order for a stair to be considered fully reliable, there are other considerations besides its structural strength.

The piers and step depths of the stairs should be equal at the exit line and at intervals in accordance with the building standards. The ratio between the step depth and the pier height, and therefore the slope of the ladder, must also be within certain intervals and meet the building standards.

In order to ensure a safe vertical circulation, the handrails as well as the steps should be in accordance with the standards and in ergonomically correct positions.

Konu Merdiven prioritizes safety along with aesthetics in all stairs.

All staircases are similar in terms of providing vertical circulation and having steps on them, but the Konu Merdiven design, each of the stairs is different from each other; it’s just specifically designed.

However, if customers like a pre-designed staircase, the same staircase model can be applied based on the dimensions of the new location.

Further differentiation of stairs is possible when employers demand more unusual stairs. In this way, Konu Merdiven designers can realize more unusual staircase designs.

Konu is an expert in steel carrier ladder systems. Wood is not used as a carrier body material. However, materials other than steel are used in elements such as steps, railings and handrails. In determining what these materials will be, the needs and demands of the customer and the area where the stair will be built are decisive. You can look at the types of materials that we use from the gallery.

Certainly. However, speculative works cause loss of time and effort for companies. In order to prevent this loss of labor and time, Service-Examination Fee is charged for on-site measurement works.

Instead, you can get a price quote if you send a photograph of the area where the staircase will be built, taken from several different angles, and the dimensions of this area to

Konu Merdiven does not provide services related to stairs that are not manufactured by itself.

I want to demolish my existing concrete staircase and have a steel staircase replaced. Are you doing the demolition of the concrete staircase?

Konu Merdiven does not do any breaking, dismantling, demolition or excavation work.

The design process varies according to the desired staircase model. In terms of the general structure, the design of a staircase is determined as a result of mutual communication between the customer and the designer. Mutual communication can be face-to-face, as well as via telephone and e-mail.

One of the existing ladder types can be selected and its dimensions, material thicknesses, step-railing materials and colors can be changed according to the place of application.

It is possible to change previously worked stair models, as well as to create a completely new staircase as a result of mutual communication.