Çalıkuşu House, İstanbul

This staircase, which appears in the space with its piano black surface finish that gives the feeling of nubuck, takes you from the living room of the duplex flats on the top floor of Çalıkuşu Apartmanı and leads to the terrace where you can watch the unique Bosphorus View.

This special staircase, designed in the house sculptures of an art collection, does not cause the user to experience head-banging or even the feeling of hitting the head despite passing more than one full turn in order to extend the exit route. While the leather-covered handrail rises on its own on the staircase, a line of light at the level of your feet enters its class until it reaches the upper floor. A rare piece…

Stairwell: 1750 x 1900 mm

Height: 3962 mm (16 Step, 16 Riser)

Step Width: 840 mm

Color: Jet Schwarz, RAL 9005

Step Cover: Natural Stone

Handrail: Leather over Steel

Design: Konu Merdiven + Habif Mimarlık

Year: 2021

Circular Plan (O), Medium, Outer Stringer, Steel Handrail, Natural Stone Step, Indoor

#indoor #stonestep #circularstair

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