Baran Ambalaj, A.O.S.B.

This staircase system, which is placed in a very narrow stairwell, is designed to perform a seemingly impossible climb in a very ergonomic way. While glass is preferred in the front of the staircase facing the living area, a steel railing in the form of a screen extending along the staircase is placed in the inner line of the form.

Stairwell: 2120 x 2020mm

Height: 2600mm (15 step, 15 riser)

Step Width: 780 mm

Color: Perlbeige, RAL 1035

Step Cover: Natural Stone Covered Steel Step Structure

Handrail: Panel Type Steel & 12mm Tempered Glass

Design: Konu Merdiven

Year: 2019

Small, U Plan (narrow), Lower Stringer, Glass & Steel Handrail, Natural Stone Step Cover, Indoor

#panelhandrail #monostringer #naturalstone

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